Grand Central

  1. In the dashboard, go to Settings->Reading.

  2. Check on the ‘Static Page’ option.
  3. Choose the business page “Blank” (the page you created following the instruction above) as the front page.
  4. Choose the “Blog” page as your posts page.
  5. Save the Changes.

 Now Let’s Make Some Slider Pages!

You can create up to five feature pages (this is the section with the big image that slides and links to another page). It makes your site look beautiful and professional.

I’m only creating two for example purposes.

  • On the left side > find Pages > Hover over or click > Add New
  • Let’s create a new page and title it whatever you want.
  • Let’s make 2 pages. I’ll title mine Grand Central and The Bridge (you can name yours anything)
  • You can type in any type of stuff you want into the large box area (and you can format the typography – we’ll learn this in another WordPress tutorial)
  • Click the “Publish” button on the right sideslider1